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For a tramp, you’ve settled in real nice / Here at the motor inn / Pay by-the-week / Free towels n’ ice / We’re hunkerin’ down again / Though just a dingy rented room / It feels like home to me / Deep down, I know you’re passin’ through / But I choose to make-believe / You’re not a vagabond / But you’re a vagabond / I’ll blink and you’ll be gone / My darlin’ vagabond / Knew what I was gettin’ into / You live to run and hide / For a while, it was novel / Bein’ Bonnie to your Clyde / It’s tough to love a drifter / You make it so damned hard / You’re a user and a grifter / And you’re holdin’ all the cards / ‘Cause you’re a vagabond / Ne’er-do-well vagabond / I’ll blink and you’ll be gone / My darlin’ vagabond / But you’re still sleepin’ with your boots on / And your billfold’s under your head / Try not to let it make me feel bad / But what can I expect? / I’ve got a vagabond in my bed / I can hear you gettin’ quiet / The time is drawing near / You’re finished playin’ house with me / Now that the coast is clear / You know where I’ll be next time / I’m quite ashamed to say / I’m living with the hope in mind / That one day you might stay / But you’re a vagabond / A rotten vagabond / I’ll blink and you’ll be gone / My darlin’ vagabond / And now you’re rollin’ down the highway / You’re just like my momma said / I gave her hell each time she called you / A no-good derelict / But what can I expect? / I let a vagabond in my bed


from Barely Scrapin' By, released June 30, 2016
Tara Norwood



all rights reserved


The Silvershakers Fayetteville, Arkansas

Rip-roarin’ n’ riotous female-led rockabilly, 50’s country, jump blues, and swingy lounge music that will leave you wanting more. Bring your dancin' shoes!

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